Configuring Victoria Metrics on Home Assistant

Introduction We are having a heatwave where I live, and all the news says it was the biggest in a LONG time. I already have some zigbee temperature and humidity sensors around in my home and feeding data to Home Assistant, so, I thought, how awesome would it be to have all this sensor data stored so I can compare them for the next heat waves? Home Assistant stores all the sensors data in a SQLite database, but the thing is, by default only for 7 days, and it is not recommended to extend this time window....

<span title='2023-11-15 17:52:33 -0300 -0300'>November 15, 2023</span>&nbsp;·&nbsp;8 min&nbsp;·&nbsp;Tavisco

Replacing the polarizer film on a Palm M100

Introduction I recently bought a Palm M100 listed as “For Parts” that wouldn’t turn on, and that had a pretty big portion of the screen darkened. I fixed the “Not turning on” part pretty easily, I’ll cover that in another post, but the issue with the screen was not so trivial. So, let’s dive in on how I managed to tackle this situation. As can be seen, that darkened portion really affects the usage....

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This is a long due task to me. Create a simple static-site blog for me to share things I find interesting :) I plan on sharing stuff related to IT on this blog, but that’s not a hard rule. If I feel like, I’ll be sharing stuff from other areas as well. Hope you enjoy the staying!

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